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When does camp start? 

Camp starts at 4pm on April 20th and ends at 4pm on April 22nd. We will welcome all campers the first night at the dinner orientation. 

When will we get our schedules? 

We will be sending out a schedule a week or two before camp starts. Most activities will be open to all, but some fireside chats will be geared towards specific groups and some spaces will be for people of color only.

Is it weird if I come to camp by myself?

No way! One of the main reasons to come to camp is to make new friends. We will have a jam-packed program that will be sure to bring even the shyest person out of their shell. 

Is there Wi-Fi and cell phone service at camp? 

We strongly encourage you to unplug while at Camp. Some carriers may have service and others may not, but the aim and ideal for all is to BE HERE NOW and remove ourselves from our technology dependencies. 

Is there drinking or drugging at camp? 

Camp is a clean and sober event. Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are not allowed. Participants with prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should bring and use their medication discretely to treat their medical condition as instructed by their doctor. Sharing or recreational use of prescription medication of any type is not allowed.

Is smoking allowed at camp?

There will be a designated area for smoking. 

Will there be people of color in attendance?

Magic Hour Club Camp is organized with a keen eye on making sure there is dedicated space, POC facilitators and leaders and closed activities for people of color specifically. 

Is this a spiritual retreat?

Not really, but there is something inherently spiritual about gathering in the woods with the intention of connecting. This retreat offers a sliding scale of spiritual offerings, from the scientific to the extraterrestrial. We offer accessible spiritual tools for anyone, from beginners to advanced. With daily meditation, yoga spiritual novices will feel comfortable and welcomed. For those who are more advanced with uber woo woo gatherings about manifestation, magic will take place. Completely practical chats about money, business and relationships will bridge the gap between spirituality and linear processing.

Leaders in the industries of health and wellness, creativity and community building will facilitate discussions and workshops, allowing you to enrich your life well after the retreat ends.

Is this an academic, workshop or caucus based retreat?

No. This camp is more focused on accessing the fun of childhood camps and the joy of connecting to something larger than self. There are so many events that offer great lectures, talks, panels, etc. about identity and intersectionality, though this will not be one of them. It is our aim to create an environment where we can get into nature, have fun and expand our minds, paths and communities.

What is accessibility like at camp?

The camp is equipped with wheelchair ramps all over the grounds. If you have specific needs that will make your time at camp easier and more comfortable, please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can meet all of your criteria.