Many of us outsiders never had the opportunity to experience a childhood summer camp. It’s our aim that you find that missing piece at The Magic Hour Club Camp. We provide a retreat away from the stress and the struggles of your day-to-day life. We aim to focus on self-empowerment and self-esteem building through the physical and mental activities of a traditional summer camp experience. We also focus on expanding your horizons and your community through workshops and chats led by thought leaders, award-winning artists and community and spiritual leaders. Come climb ropes, try archery, hike mountains, go mountain biking, make lanyards, do yoga, meditate, try paintball, enjoy facilitated fireside chats, make new friends and so much more! We hope you let down your guard, and get in touch with yourself, nature and your community.

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Why come to camp?

Let's face it, not all of us have had the same opportunities growing up, but it's never too late to reclaim them!  

Having good old-fashioned fun is essential to having a great life. In the modern world, we are expected to be busy and hyperconnected. Our society prizes multitasking and as a result, we are often mentally cluttered and stressed out. Through our heavy online presence, our real life connection and community suffer. Subsequently, our quality of life, potential for happiness and clear understanding of our soul purpose are diminished.

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop real human connection. By the time we hit our mid-twenties, we can live our lives in a small circle of only knowing a few people in the same industry, having a predictable routine and grinding for a vacation. By the time many of us turn thirty, life seems like a struggle with finances, relationships and career goals. We often sacrifice self-care and our dreams for security

Who is camp for? 

TMHC Camp is for anyone over the age of 18 that identifies as an outsider, a weirdo, queer, a misfit, etc. We designed this camp specifically to create the magic space of childlike freedom and joy, that will also provide adult tools through workshops and chats focused on self-knowledge and empowerment. 

We know there are many adult summer camps available out there, but they are not all the most comfortable space for women and queers. This is a dedicated NO BRO ZONE. 

Learn more about the workshops. 

Where is it?

Nestled in the beautiful majestic mountains near Big Bear, about 2.5 hour drive from LAX and an hour drive from ONT airport. The campgrounds are surrounded by towering pine and cedar trees, alongside the melodic sounds of the Santa Ana River, a breathtaking rustic historical landmark. The elevation sits at 5,800 feet. We will be providing a message board for ride-sharing.


What is lodging like?

Slumber party!!! You’ll be sharing your rustic-style cabin with somewhere between 10 and 19 others. Cabin groups are assigned with your comfort and happiness in mind. If group cabins are not your thing and you would prefer to camp in a tent, the land has space for that. Be sure to select that option at checkout. There are shower and bathroom facilities within a short walking distance from camping and cabin area, as well as some cabins having multiple amenities. The land and accommodations are rustic and rugged, so please understand this is not a bougie retreat. The camp does not provide linens, so we suggest you bring your own sleeping bag and pillow or purchase through us in advance.

Is camp for me?

Do you want to have so much fun in the woods with a bunch weirdo artists, mystics and queers? Do you want to experience a kids style summer camp with archery, high-ropes, lanyard making, team sports and so much more? Do you want to unplug for a weekend and make a bunch of new friends? Do you want to meditate, go hiking and do yoga? Do you want to learn and try new things in a space that is free from judgement and selfies? Are you looking for a way to spiritually connect that is not about social media and smoothie bowls?

If the answer is yes, then this camp is for you!

How much does camp cost?

Camp is $290 all inclusive (plus registration fee). This covers everything- lodging, food, and unlimited activities. You can reserve your spot today with $100 nonrefundable deposit, with the remainder of the balance due by Feb 1st 2018. 

Other camps like this will cost you double this price at least. In an effort to make this accessible to many, we have worked with the camp to keep the price as low as possible.

If cost is prohibitive, we will be offering a limited amount of full and partial scholarships. We will open the application process in the beginning of 2018. Stay tuned for details.

Got more questions?

We have more answers in our FAQ section.



  • Lodging for 2 nights/3 days
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks and beverages -  we work with the camp chef to design vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus and options catered specifically for our group and to accommodate food allergies.
  • Access to all activities offered. 


  • $100 deposit is non-refundable
  • February 1st is the last chance to get a 50% refund of payments beyond your deposit if you cancel
  • There are no refunds of any kind offered if you cancel after February 1st
  • Payments are not transferrable under any circumstances.

Our cancellation penalties are non-negotiable. We suggest securing travel insurance should you need to cancel Camp due to unexpected illness, injury, or other emergency.